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Wild Card Undercover

Love on the Line  book 1

light romantic suspense

The Love on the Line books are all stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: FBI, undercover lovers, close proximity, crime, suspense

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Some gambles are worth the risk . . .

Trapped in the nightmare of Miami’s illicit underworld, Meg O’Hara has no choice but work for a high-stakes criminal to repay a debt. Freedom is a pipe dream, until FBI agent Christopher Shaunessy offers her a way out. It won’t be easy, especially playing the role of lover to the charismatic agent. Getting the goods on her boss could mean her life, a risk she’ll take to be rid of the rat’s vulgar advances.

Chris Shaunessy doesn’t break rules, but working with Meg is pushing even his well-honed control to the limit. Personal involvement should never mix in the sordid world of organized crime. They’re playing a perilous game.  Giving into temptation could be his biggest mistake because the kisses they share might be more dangerous than the case…   

Heat level/warnings: some cursing, sensual scenes (PG 13) sexual chemistry, some violence


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- RT Book Reviews says: "Wild Card Undercover will capture your heart with its humor and witty characters. A knight in shining armor rescuing a damsel in distress while infiltrating the mob is no small task. Kudos to Lemor who has gracefully mixed a femme fatale with a dash of The Godfather and tossed it together with romance and laughter."

“Intriguing and dangerous- when it comes to the take down- Kari Lemor kept the pace fast and heart wrenching. Sweet and laced with sexy banter- the entire story was emotional and Chris and Meg were a dynamic couple.”

“The story was suspenseful and fast paced, and the chemistry between the characters was sizzling.”






“First rule of undercover work, never slip out of character. You don’t know who’s watching.”


When the pink tip of her tongue appeared momentarily, he stifled a groan. Why did he think this would be an easy assignment? And he’d just suggested a kiss? If simply seeing her tongue skim across her lips sent his cock twitching, what would a kiss do to him? He wasn’t sure he wanted to find out; yet he was also dying to know.

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