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Masquerade Under the Moon

Last Chance Beach Romance

small town contemporary

All of the Last Chance Beach Romance books are stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: Masquerade party, mystery love, Cinderella story, rich/poor, boss/employee, forbidden love

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He doesn’t even know her name…

The night Demitrius Petrakis meets a masked woman at a party, he loses his heart. She spins him tales of love and adventure, captivating him. No other woman has ever elicited these kinds of emotions in the wealthy playboy. When she disappears, with only a bracelet as proof she was real, Trey is devastated.

On the last day of her summer job at a resort on Last Chance Beach, Destiny Fortunato, uncharacteristically, spends an enchanted evening sharing stories under the moonlight. The connection she has to the masked stranger is undeniable, but she needs to return to her schoolteacher life and forget him.

That night is a treasured memory…until she discovers her mystery man is the owner of the resort. Despite their connection, and the way he stirs her heart, she won’t get involved with an employer again. Trey is desperate to prove they’re meant to be, but with his reputation he’ll need to accomplish the impossible for them to get their fairy tale ending.

Heat level/warnings: Sweet romance, clean language. Some mature situations


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"Lemor draws the reader in with the instant connection between these two characters..."


The man swept his hat off his head and gave a low bow. “Zorro, at your service. Defender of those who need it.”

Destiny cocked her head and pursed her lips, feeling coquettish. “Zorro, you say? Intriguing name. Sounds Spanish.” She rolled her Rs like her Italian grandmother always had.

Zorro grinned. Behind his mask, his eyes glinted with devilment. “Si, and what is your name, lovely senorita?”

If he could hide behind Zorro, she certainly wouldn’t give up who she was. Her voice still husky from the salt water, she answered dramatically, “You may call me Scheherazade.”

His dry chuckle drilled deep into her, and she shivered. When he gently lifted her hand and pressed his lips to her knuckles, she almost passed out. Who did that these days? Two people who were playacting with masks, apparently.

“Scheherazade. Sounds Arabian.” He kept up the joke. “Can I make the assumption you have fabulous stories of faraway to weave throughout the night?”

The fact he knew who Scheherazade was, and that she was a teller of tales, thrilled her. “I have many tales for those who wish to hear them.”

“A thousand and one perchance?” His eyes barely showed behind the mask, but they expressed so much.

Destiny extricated her hand from his and coasted away on the sand. “If you are fortunate enough.”

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