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Christmas in New England

Christmas in New England holiday novellas are spinoffs from the Storms of New England novel series

small town contemporary romance

The Christmas in New England books are all stand alones and may be read in any order


WANTED: Christmas magic…

Ten years ago, he left her to join the navy. Now he’s back ready to pick up where they left off. Can the magic of Christmas open her heart up enough to trust him again?



Faking it has never been so sweet…

Home for his sister’s wedding. Paired with his biggest childhood crush. To ward off matchmaking, they’ll pretend to date. Will Christmas magic blow sweetness their way?



Holiday magic for the win…

They’ll unite for a hockey fundraiser to help a family in need. Is the Christmas spirit strong enough to unfreeze their hard feelings and erase the pain of the past?


These 3 sweet Christmas novellas take place in the Storms of New England world, Squamscott Falls, NH.

They are sweet and wholesome stories reminiscent of Hallmark movies. All the wonderful events are here: skating on the town common, drinking hot cocoa, singing Christmas carols, cutting down and decorating a Christmas tree, and of course, mistletoe!

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