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Elusive Dreams

Storms of New England book 1

small town contemporary romance

The Storms of New England books are all stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: Marriage of convenience, girl next door, PTSD, past trauma, foster care, adoption


Creating a family might be the only way to heal two scarred souls.

Marine Erik Storm intends to keep the promise he made to a dying mother. Protect her two young children, survivors of the bombing that left him barely able to walk. He moves into his grandparents' house in coastal Maine next door to a childhood friend.

Tessa Porter is no longer the shy little girl from his youth, but a life in foster care has left her leery of people. When his custody of the children is questioned, she offers to enter into a marriage of convenience to boost his case.
They don't expect the sparks that fly or their growing desire. When their marriage becomes real, they have to find ways to heal together or risk losing their perfectly imperfect family for good.

Heat level/warnings: cursing befitting an injured Marine, sensual scenes (PG-13) sexual chemistry


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“What a poignant, heartfelt and utterly captivating tale of two people helping each other to heal while giving two adorable children what they need most -- love and family after losing their mother.”


“A heartwarming story of the healing power of love. Five sparkling stars! WOW! I devoured this sweet, sexy, heartwarming story of two wounded people who find healing and love in what begins as a marriage of convenience. I'm so glad I found this "unputdownable" book!”

 "Lemor takes the tragedies of these two characters, builds upon them, allowing each character to slowly open up and admit their failures, flaws, and frailties, all the while growing to love themselves and the one they are meant to be with for life. Add in the beautiful Maine setting and a loving, caring set of family and friends, and you have small-town romance at its best."




“I have to know you’d be okay with marrying me. It wouldn’t be a traditional marriage, obviously.  I wouldn’t expect anything from you…you know…in that way. It would be a marriage of convenience, in name only.

Her tongue poked out as she glanced at the floor. “You really want to marry a freak?”

“You really want to marry a scarred, impotent soldier who can’t walk?” There, he’d said it, and the world hadn’t ended. And she hadn’t walked out or looked at him with pity in her eyes. That’s what he dreaded most. The pity.

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