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Broken Dreams

Storms of New England book 4

small town contemporary romance

The Storms of New England books are all stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: Single Dad/Nanny, special needs child, past trauma, Autism, adoption, opposites attract

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Can she show him true family is more than an image?

Corporate attorney Nathaniel Storm’s exclusive world is thrown into a tailspin when his cheating ex drops off the son he didn't know he had. Being an instant dad and handling the care of a special needs child, isn’t something he’s comfortable with. 

Under the dark makeup and piercings, Darcy Marx has a heart of gold, but she’s spent her life trying to dig herself out of one misfortune after another. Bad decisions and heartbreaking choices in the past won’t stop her from creating a better life.

When the two are paired together in a wedding, Darcy connects with Nathaniel’s son in a way he can only hope for. Yet this bold as brass sprite with the saucy mouth taunts him at every turn. When Nathaniel looks past Darcy’s non-traditional ways, he finds a determined woman who can work miracles, but he wonders if she’s strong enough to jump start his disconnected heart.

Heat level/warnings: some cursing, sensual scenes (PG 13) sexual chemistry, past dubious consent



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“…the skill the author shows in the way she handles Tanner's condition is astounding. For a 3-year-old who is only learning to speak, Tanner's voice often seems like the loudest, the one with the most depth. The struggle will bring laughs and tears. So many tears.”

“Every one of these stories were like a roadmap to what really matters! Love, family and tuning in to each other! The Storms of New England aren't perfect but, they do finally get to the heart of what really matters so much more than the world's distractions.”

“I can't imagine how challenging it must be to tackle the voice of a child with autism, let alone the emotions and pain of the single parent. As a former single parent of a boy with autism, this book was spot on. “




Today he was slumming it and wore dark jeans and a navy button down with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. Why did her gaze automatically zoom in on those bare forearms? Because he had the perfect amount of hair covering them, and she hated to admit she was a fan of arm porn. She hadn’t noticed the last two times she’d seen him because he’d worn long sleeves. Damn, one more thing ticked in the ‘can’t hate you for this’ column.

When he looked her way, she shot him one of her super goofy smiles that she reserved only for people who ticked her off.

“GQ? Of all the gin joints, you had to walk into mine.”

His eyes narrowed, but his lips twisted up at the side just a touch. Yep, he was trying to hide a smile.


“Sorry, Elvira, I thought this was a coffee shop. I must have walked into the blood bank by mistake.”


“Your being in here is definitely a mistake. We don’t sell Dom Perignon.”


“As long as you sell coffee, I’ll be good.”


“You could try.”

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