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Hidden Betrayal


Love on the Line book 4

light romantic suspense

All the Love on the Line books are stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: lawyer, rich girl, jewelry store heist, hostages, protective custody, close proximity, crime, suspense

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Trust is more precious than jewels…


Getting caught in the middle of a jewelry heist was not on Charlotte Silva’s plans for the day. Nor was being taken hostage with sexy lawyer, Andrew Thayer. Lucky for Charlotte, the ex-soldier helps her escape but not without consequences.


Drew Thayer has one job to do. Hide out in a remote Vermont cabin protecting the pampered heiress from killer jewel thieves hot on their trail. But Charlotte isn’t the spoiled princess she projects, and the desire she inspires shocks him.


Drew’s boss, the State Attorney, has suspicions around Charlotte’s involvement in the heist. If she finds out Drew’s hidden agenda, their tentative truce and growing feelings could all be shot to hell. Unless the jewel thieves get to them first…

Heat level/warnings: some cursing, sensual scenes (PG 13) sexual chemistry, some violence

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“… full of romance, suspense and lots of humor.”

“Great characters, great storyline, and a fast and easy writing style make this a 2021 must read…”

“Right from the beginning, this story is intriguing and explosive with the trouble this couple immediately find themselves in and just kept having me more and more hooked…”

“Overall, Ms Lemor has penned a fast-paced, suspense-filled and extremely entertaining read in this fourth book of her Love on the Line series where strong, relatable and very likeable characters and a great plot kept my eyes glued to every word and flipping pages fast until I found myself at the end of the story in one sitting, which is easily done with a book penned by this fabulous author.”


As she moved, she slid the long strap over her head and pushed the Gucci bag so it was on her back. Maybe they wouldn’t notice it there or that it was expensive. Or maybe her strategically ripped jeans would make them think she didn’t have any money. Which she didn’t. Except the jeans were Silvaggio originals and ran more than five hundred dollars on sale. If selling the jewelry didn’t get her what she needed, she might be forced to sell her clothes online. The horrified look on her father’s face might almost be worth it. A Silva, the founders of Silvaggio’s itself, selling her own clothes for money.

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