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Aubrey: With This Ring

Prescott Hill book 3

All of the Prescott Hill books are stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: marriage of convenience, opposites attract, rich boy/poor girl, forced proximity

With this ring, I thee wed…

Due to her turbulent upbringing, Aubrey Teague has always been self-reliant, repurposing old items and creating unique artwork since she was a child. When her friend offers her the opportunity to co-manage a new wedding venue, Aubrey grabs it. The downside? Her spoiled and wealthy new partner.

Travis Beaumont will inherit a small fortune if he’s married by his thirtieth birthday. Despite his mother’s relentless efforts to match him with high-society debutantes, he’s not interested in marriage, until he’s captivated by Aubrey, the intriguing woman with the mulberry hair.

Working together, they uncover qualities in each other that spark mutual respect and an unexpected friendship. But when Aubrey is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Travis rushes in, offering marriage, and the health insurance that comes with it. Their arrangement, meant to last a year, quickly deepens into something more, yet Aubrey struggles to keep her growing feelings for Travis at bay. Will she allow her fears to dictate her future, or can he convince her to embrace something truly extraordinary?

Warnings: sweet and chaste, no language, no steam at all


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