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This page will be updated as new books are written.

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Storms of New England



       1. Elusive Dreams (Erik & Tessa)                                       2. True Dreams (Sara & TJ)

       3. Stolen Dreams (Alex & Gina)                                       4. Broken Dreams (Nathaniel & Darcy)

       5. Lost Dreams (Greg & Alandra)                                    6. Faded Dreams (Luke & Ellie)

       7. Deadly Dreams (Sofia & John)                                     8. Childhood Dreams (Leah & Mitch)

       9. Chance Dreams (Kevin and Macy)                             10. Summer Dreams (Amy & Connor)


Christmas novellas

Forgotten Dreams (Kristan and Mark)

Sweet Dreams (Kelsey and Zachary)

Frozen Dreams (Ashley and Logan)


 **DON'T scroll down if you don't want spoilers!

Year One


May -  Sara moves to Cape Cod

June-  Sara moves in with TJ

July-    Erik comes home

              Erik moves to Maine

              Matty and Kiki arrive

Aug -   Erik and Tessa get married

              Sara goes on tour

Nov -   Mrs. Mazelli dies -Gina inherits house

Dec -   Tessa meets her dad

              TJ and Sara engaged

              Tanner arrives on Nathaniel’s doorstep


Year Two


Jan -    Tessa accident

Mar -   Gina arrives

May -   Sara and TJ wedding

              Nathaniel meets Darcy

              Gina’s house on fire

June-  Alex and Gina get engaged

             Nathaniel and Tanner go to Cape     

Aug -   Joseph Peter Storm born (Erik and Tessa)

Nov -   Darcy tells Hope

              Darcy and Nate get engaged

Dec -   Kristan and Mark get back together -Forgotten Dreams


Year Three


Feb -    Nathaniel and Darcy wedding

Mar -   Greg and Ali’s story starts

June-   Greg and Ali start dating

July-     Alex and Gina wedding

Aug-    Luke meets Ellie at her cousin’s wedding

              Pete Storm heart attack

              Luke deployed

Oct -   Faith Anne Storm born (Nathaniel and Darcy)

              Ali’s house is torched

Nov -   Greg and Ali engaged

Dec -   Greg and Ali married

Dec -   Kelsey and Zachary reunite -Sweet Dreams


Year Four


Feb -    Luke returns -finds Ellie pregnant

              Luke buys Gina’s house

March- Luke and Ellie wedding

May -    Dawn Marie Storm born (Luke and Ellie)

June-    Mary Sonata Bannister born (Sara and TJ)

more to come...

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