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Rangers of Acadia: Jordan Pond

Rangers of Acadia book 1

Small town contemporary romance -with a splash of danger

All of the Rangers of Acadia books are stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: secret baby, mental illness, gaslighting, controlling father, reunion marriage, past trauma, suspense

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What’s lost can be found again…

Five summers ago, Chelsea Woodridge met, fell in love with, and married ranger Theodore Lapierre in beautiful Bar Harbor. It was perfect, until her father’s manipulations cost her not only the man she loved but their child, spiraling her into a fog that lasted for years.

Theo loved Chelsea the instant he saw her and thought the feelings returned. Her visit with her father has him questioning her love when instead of returning, he gets a note of rejection. And several months later, a newborn on his doorstep.  

With her father dead, Chelsea returns to Maine, where she’d been happiest. Theo’s presence brings back the pain of the past but seeing the daughter she thought was dead devastates her. How could Theo have thought she didn’t want her own child? More importantly, how could her father have lied to her about her baby?

Rebuilding the marriage may take more than either can manage. They shared love once, but Chelsea still holds secrets. Ones that can’t be revealed if she wants to have a life with Theo and their daughter. 

Heat level/warnings: Sweet romance, clean language. Some mature situations


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"Kari Lemor has penned an emotional and oh-so-fulfilling romance"

"… their road to an HEA was paved with deceit, lies, and near-death experiences!"

"I loved these two characters so much but the scene-stealer has to be adorable 4 going on 50-year-old Jordan. Every scene she is in is a smile-producer."

"… story of lost love, returning hearts, and unforgiving actions. Wonderful characters, a story line that keeps you enthralled, and a plot that keeps on taking you beyond the story."




“Daddy.” The little girl’s face twisted comically. “You know I can’t go until you kiss me.”

Theo’s eyes flew to Chelsea, and fear radiated from them. Leaning down he reached for the child, who tipped her head and giggled.

“You know where.”

He planted a kiss on the child’s neck. Not exactly what you would expect, but…Chelsea raised her hand to her own neck, then stared at the girl. Yes, there it was. A heart-shaped birthmark. Like the one on her neck. And her mother’s. And grandmother’s.

It had been Theo’s little joke. It showed him where to kiss her.

Ice filled her blood, and her heart pounded so viciously in her chest she barely saw the woman and child leave. How could this be? She’d wished and dreamed for so long that there had been some mistake and her baby was still alive. Almost four years old. That’s what age her child would be now. About the same age as the little girl who’d just left.

The child who had a birthmark exactly like hers. Theo’s face swam in her vision as the room spun in circles. Her baby was alive. And she’d been with her father this whole time.

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