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Forgotten Dreams

Storms of New England holiday novella

small town contemporary romance

The Storms of New England books are all stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: Reunion, second chance, Christmas, first love, small town girl/boy, coming home, Hallmark movie

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Wanted: Christmas Magic    

Ten years ago, Mark Campbell broke Kristan Donahue’s heart when he joined the navy and left her behind in their small New England town. Now he's back home for the holidays and wants to pick up where they left off.

Can the magic of Christmas help Kristan open up her heart enough to trust again? And can this same magic convince Mark that next to Kristan is where he belongs?


Heat level/warnings: very sweet, no cursing (maybe a damn or two) no sex, some kissing (G/PG) 

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“…a sweet uplifting story… just what I needed to read!”

“This story should be read while snuggled in a blanket with a cup of hot apple cider. It makes the heart happy, and Christmas can't come soon enough.”

“Lemor uses the tranquility and beauty of a small New England town, adds some snow, hot chocolate and appearances by the Storm family and creates a romantic second chance love story.”

“It is touching, heartwarming, and utterly romantic. I see this as a Hallmark movie. Just fabulous!”




“Can you join me for coffee? If you can’t, I understand,” Mark said, his tone disappointed. “It’s just I haven’t seen you in a while and was hoping to catch up with all you’ve done since I’ve been gone.”


Of course, it was his fault he didn’t know what direction her life had gone in. Aside from a few letters the first year, he hadn’t stayed in contact with her. The hurt of him leaving resurfaced and anger skimmed over her nerves. She’d loved him, and he’d taken off with no thought to her feelings. Maybe she hadn’t gotten over that yet. Silly, but she wanted him to feel how she’d felt.


Throwing her shoulders back, she tilted her chin up. “I’m sorry, Mark. I’m far too busy at the moment. But please, enjoy another cup of coffee and pastry. Have a nice day.”


She walked out, head held high and bit her lip to keep from glancing back over her shoulder. She didn’t need to. Macy’s eyes narrowed as she slid behind the front desk.


“What did you say to him? He looks like you kicked his puppy.”


Lord, she was feeling petty. “Well, he kicked mine first.”

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