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Frozen Dreams

Storms of New England holiday novella

small town contemporary romance

The Storms of New England books are all stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: Reunion, second chance, Christmas, first crush, small town girl/boy, enemies to friends, Hallmark movie

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Holiday magic for the win…


Hockey coach, Ashley Dresden has a plan to help a local family in need by organizing a fundraiser. She’ll get the old undefeated high school Dream Team together to play the present varsity team and whip them back into shape as their coach. The catch, the thorn in her side, Logan Osborn.


Logan, the owner of a successful bar and grill works long hours to keep it that way. He’s more than willing to reconnect with his old teammates, but fate sends him Ashley as coach. She’s a constant reminder of the most humiliating moment of his life, catching his girlfriend, her sister, kissing another guy.


As the two reluctantly bury the hatchet and work together, Christmas spirit and old memories surround them. Will love, laughter, and a sprinkle of holiday magic help them score the ultimate win—both on and off the ice?


Heat level/warnings: very sweet, no cursing, no sex, some kissing (G)

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Taking a few steps back, she checked out how straight it was. “Spin it, please, so I can see all sides.”

The tree slowly rotated, and she held up her hand at one point. “Hold on. I need to tip it just a tiny bit.”

They adjusted the stand, Logan making wisecracks about being crippled after the awkward position he was in under the tree. “If I can’t play hockey anymore, it’s your fault. I hope people will still come to the game if their star player can’t be there.”

As he scooted out from under the tree and stood, she gave him a sassy smile. “Why wouldn’t Greg be able to play?”

“Oh, you…” He reached to put her in a head lock, but she swiftly dodged him and sprinted down the stairs. She slid and landed on her bottom, her hands scooping up a fist full of snow. When she heard him approach, she twisted around and whipped the snowball at him, hitting him squarely in the chest.

He froze. His grin grew mischievous as he said, “That’s how you want to do this, huh? Fine by me.”

Soon, they were winging snow back and forth, the tree decorating forgotten. Slipping and sliding around her front yard, she laughed at the fun and excitement she was feeling. With Logan Osborn of all people. Her arch nemesis for the past decade.

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