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Faded Dreams

Storms of New England book 6 - small town contemporary romance

The Storms of New England books are all stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: friends to lover, accidental pregnancy, bad boy/good girl,

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Sometimes Karma is a kick in the pants…

Lukas Storm never stays with a woman long enough to finish zipping his pants. With the reality check of deployment on the horizon, he rethinks his Casanova ways. He wishes, just once, he’d loved a woman of substance who’ll cry if he doesn’t return.

Murielle Russell has admired Luke since she was a genius pre-teen in his classes. Years later, a fateful night at her cousin’s wedding leads to more than soothing Luke before he leaves. Knocked up by the town player, Ellie hates that she’s reliving the sins of her mother.

As Luke returns, he’ll do the right thing by Ellie and his baby, but his reputation is a hard one to shake, her trust even harder to earn. As they prepare for their child’s arrival, Luke must learn about fatherhood, but more importantly prove to Ellie he’ll remain true.  


Heat level/warnings: slight cursing, sensual scenes,  sexual chemistry


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"Although this book is a stand-alone read, I whole heartedly suggest you read her entire Storm series because the development of the characters in the Storm family as the series progresses is incredible. This family has the good, the bad and the ugly like every other family out there, but they sure know how to come together with support, love and of course humor when needed."

"...The love and camaraderie and struggles and fears faced by the characters are so real,..."


"A pitch perfect addition to The Storms of New England series. I could read all these books over and over again." 



Luke knelt in front of her and gently touched her belly. The baby rolled inside, like he knew his father was here. Tears filled his eyes, and Elle didn’t have the heart to tell him no. Yet there wasn’t any way she could bring herself to marry him. 

His hand smoothed the sweater dress over her baby bump, and he inhaled deeply. “We created this child together, and maybe it wasn’t planned, but I can’t regret this. I don’t. I want to raise our child together.”


Luke’s head whipped up, and his eyes teared up further.

Stroking his face, she put on a brave smile. “I’m not agreeing to a marriage, but I will move in with you and raise our baby together.”

As he joined her on the seat, Luke drew her in and kissed her. No control when it came to him. She only hoped she wouldn’t regret this decision.

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