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True Dreams

Storms of New England book 2

small town contemporary romance

The Storms of New England books are all stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes:  Bad boy/virgin, boss/employee, addiction/alcoholism, redeemed hero, past trauma


Can she see beyond his past to heal his damaged soul?


True “TJ” Bannister, haunted by his past, abandons the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll to live a peaceful life as a bookstore owner on Cape Cod. The reformed bad boy thinks no “nice” girl will ever see beyond his tormented soul.


Innocent Sara Storm barges into his shop, and his life, with her sunshine personality. She looks beyond TJ’s past and helps heal his damaged heart. But her goal to be a singer is one TJ can’t support. Her dreams take place in the shattered world he left behind.

Can he choose between his newfound serenity and a life that nearly destroyed him, or is their romance doomed before the last note is sung?

Heat level/warnings: some cursing, sensual scenes (PG 13) sexual chemistry


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“Lemor is a one-click author for me because she writes emotion like no one’s business, and this book is chock full of it! She can pull the same emotions she’s giving her characters on the page out from her readers, and did time and time again for me while I was reading this story.”


“When reading True Dreams I rode an emotional rollercoaster. The author introduced TJ and Sara as well rounded but flawed characters that you fell in love with from the first chapter.”

“Once again Lemor hooks the reader in with humor, sadness, and of course a roller coaster of a romance.”



“She’s sweet, isn’t she?” Mary asked at his shoulder. She needed a bell around her neck.

“Who? Sara Sunshine? That’s a little too much happiness for me.”


“Only because you’re a miserable old grouch. She’d be good for you. Make you start living again.”


He frowned, proving her point. His first eighteen years he’d done more living than anyone should. Look at where it’d gotten him.


“Enough with the Cupid’s arrow. She’d never be interested if she knew who I was…what I really am.”


Mary pointed her finger at his face. “Stop. You aren’t the same wild teen you were ten years ago. Or even the young man who asked me for a job six years ago. You need to let it go.”


Damn, he wanted to. But deep inside, he was still the same twisted person. He might be a revised edition with a shiny new cover and up to date formatting, but the story was still trash. If Sara stuck around long enough, she’d see it. That would wipe the smile off even her face.

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