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Tactical Revenge


Love on the Line  book 6

light romantic suspense

The Love on the Line books are all stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: PTSD, stalker, past trauma, mental illness, protection, guilt, crime, suspense

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His past sins may destroy her future…

Ex-military sniper, Nick White, drives a big rig to shove time served in Afghanistan into the rearview mirror. He wants nothing to do with people’s good intentions or the chain of truck stops his wealthy family owns. Every solitary mile he travels helps grapple with a guilt that runs deep.

Brenna Carpenter pays the bills waiting tables at a Pennsylvania truck stop while finishing her business degree. Her plans don’t include desertion at a trailer park like her mother. A truck driver, no matter how sexy, complicates that ambition, but it’s the stalker that robs her focus. Mysterious notes and gifts grow more possessive each day.

When Nick’s violent past threatens Brenna, driving away isn’t an option. If he can’t track down the man who wants revenge, their budding relationship may come to the end of the road...

Heat level/warnings: some cursing, sensual scenes (PG 13) sexual chemistry, some violence


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“Absolutely brilliant book that was riveting from the beginning due to the sexy, delicious ex-military hero and the sassy heroine that gets under his skin.”

“This story took me on a roller coaster of suspense, emotion and had me on the edge of my seat at times.”

”Nick and Brenna's relationship is teasing and crackles with flirtatious energy, and the way he's fiercely determined to protect her melts the heart.”



“What are you in the mood for?” She placed the mug in front of him, attempting not to appear like she was checking out his fine form. “We’ve got fresh made meatloaf tonight, and I’ll even make sure they throw some extra gravy on your mashed potatoes.”

“You spoil me, Red. I could be talked into meatloaf.” His gravelly voice sent shivers down her spine. Good shivers. No man should have a voice that sexy.

Resting her hip against the table, she crossed her arms over her chest to accentuate the cleavage on her double Ds. Not that they needed much help. Sadly, Nick always took a quick peek, then looked away, like he was a freakin’ gentleman or something. “If I’ve got to talk you into food, you don’t want it bad enough. I’ll bring you a salad.”

As she pivoted away, his hand shot out and gently took her wrist. His eyes bore into her. “Oh, I want it. There’s no doubt of that. Extra gravy and everything.”

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