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Death Race

Love on the Line book 5

light romantic suspense

All the Love on the Line books are stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: Abusive past, police officer, road trip, suspicious accidents, forced proximity, crime, suspense

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The road to happiness is paved with danger...

Recovering from a gunshot wound is the easy part. Boston cop, Keith Cho, discovers coming to grips with his partner’s death requires a different sort of medicine. He’ll start a cross country road trip with seeing his partner’s sister, Samantha Bates.

Sam can’t hide the injuries or the backpack she’s hauling as she hikes away from town. Fleeing from her abusive ex-boyfriend is key. When she and Keith reconnect on a back country road, he insists she come with him.

Keith is good company but needs to stay firmly in the friend category. Being with a cop can only lead to heartache, something Sam can’t handle again. As they travel, frequent accidents seem far too convenient. Are these incidents connected to them or a mystery someone wants silenced? It’s a race against death and someone’s going to lose...

Heat level/warnings: some cursing, sensual scenes (PG 13) sexual chemistry, some violence

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“This book was such a blast. It was an exciting and engrossing read that had my eyes glued to every word.”

“Ms. Lemor managed to capture my undivided attention with a well-developed plot, which was filled with a good dose of suspense and strong, delightful characters that I couldn't wait to learn more about the moment they were introduced.”

“Between the roller coaster of some very scary encounters and the mystery of who is behind it all, you have a warm, funny, delightful story as Keith and Sammi's relationship gradually changes. In a refreshingly authentic and human way, they go from something that was friendly yet stunted by the past to a real and lasting connection that no outside force can break apart.”


As Keith soaped up their plates and utensils, she poked at the fire and started singing a country tune.

At Keith’s raised eyebrow, she folded her arms. “What? You’re supposed to sing songs around the campfire.”

“Who says?”

“I do and everyone who’s ever gone camping. Otherwise you wouldn’t have the term ‘campfire songs’. Duh.” She burst into song again, louder this time

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