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Tabitha: Always a Bridesmaid

Prescott Hill book 2

Always a Bridesmaid book 10


All of the Prescott Hill books are stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: always a bridesmaid, forced proximity, unrequited love, girl next door


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In love with the preacher’s daughter…

Tabitha Dailey wishes she could be anywhere except rural Virginia as the church secretary for her father's congregation. She craves a life of adventure like the characters in the fantasy stories she secretly writes. She'll skip town the second she gets enough money and the right opportunity.

Wesley Roberts fell for the quiet red-haired beauty the moment he saw her.  She’s different from the other women in town, and he can’t stay away. Unfortunately, Tabitha has ignored him and his attempts at friendship for the past two years.

When Wes gets the contract for the church addition, he and Tabitha are forced to work together. Once Wesley discovers her secret, their common interests bring them closer, but is she willing to give up her dream of travel and excitement or will his past tear them apart?

Warnings: sweet and chaste, no language, no steam at all


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          "It had my attention from the first page to the last page."




        “I’m sorry, Tabitha. Even with plain clothes and a simple hat, I still think your beauty shines                   through more than most of the congregation.”

         A smile bloomed on her gorgeous face. Her eyes were damp as she nodded at him.
        “Thank you.  That’s so sweet.” Her expression quickly turned neutral. “But I’m still not
         going on a date with you.”


         He couldn’t help the laugh that made its way out. She was consistent. He’d give her
         that. With a shrug, he said, “Not this week maybe. I’ll keep trying.”

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