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Stolen Dreams

Storms of New England book 3

small town contemporary romance

The Storms of New England books are all stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes:  opposites attract, boy/girl next store, friends to lovers, friends with benefits, OCD

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Can he loosen up enough to let her in?

Control is Alex Storm’s middle name. Every aspect of his life is scheduled down to the minute. His routines are part of him, and he cannot deviate. Finding a woman who can put up with his strict organization has been difficult... until Gina blows back into town.

A nomadic life spent with her bohemian mother made Gina Mazelli the definition of a free spirit. Inheriting her grandmother’s house requires her to put down temporary roots right next door to the sexiest control freak she’s ever known.

Alex hopes helping Gina fix up the house will lead to a quick sale and an end to the explosive chemistry between them. But every day they’re together, Gina realizes she wants to create a home, especially if she can convince a certain uptight perfectionist that he’s the key to making her dreams come true.

Heat level/warnings: some cursing, sensual steamy scenes (PG 13) sexual chemistry

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“The chemistry between the two main characters is insane. INSANE. Like "get out the hose, they're about to burn down the house" insane. And it starts from the first page. They're hot and hilarious and know each other so well, it would seem unnatural for them to be any other way.”

“… these characters came across as very real, very flawed people who you cheer for as they struggle to find their HEA. It would have been very easy to go over the top with both of them and their personalities, but instead the author keeps the story grounded in their relationship and its development.”


“this was more than a love story. This book took on an adult with issues. OCD like behaviors, possibly an adult on the spectrum. It was so well done that I found myself understanding Alex as though I knew him. He was a human to me, someone I know. Gina and her wacky fun side was the perfect person for Alex. She accepted him and found his quirks loveable.”




“Can I help you unpack?” Alex asked.

 “I think I can manage to unpack by myself.”


“Are you sure? Because I’ve seen the way you organize things, and it isn’t pretty.”


Only Alex would think of organizing things as pretty. “I think you just want to get into my underwear drawer. Let’s face it, mine is probably way more exciting than yours.”


Alex laughed. “Oh, I have no doubt. The offer still stands. I’ll have your drawers and closet looking sleek and shipshape in no time.”

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