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Solace Under the Stars

Last Chance Beach Romance

All of the Last Chance Beach Romance books are stand alones and may be read in any order

Themes: Second Chance, trauma, miscarriage, PTSD, work romance

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Not all wounds leave scars…

Rajani Lanka carries a burden no one else can see. Haunted by the loss of their unborn child, she hesitates to confide in Thad, the baby’s father, while he’s away. Her heart yearns for connection, but the weight of her sorrow leaves her torn between the desire to bridge the growing chasm between them and the fear of shattering their fragile bond.

Returning from a harrowing deployment, Thaddeus Matsoukas is a changed man. He grapples with his own demons and the invisible scars etched upon his soul. Everything is different, including Rajani, the woman whose memory sustained him through the darkest moments.

Fate intervenes, bringing them to work together on the island of Last Chance Beach. Their shared history creates a bittersweet familiarity, yet they both guard their hearts and hide their deepest pain. Amidst starlit nights, they seek solace and fleeting moments of closeness, but Rajani’s secret hovers, capable of either uniting them in love or tearing them apart forever.

Heat level/warnings: Sweet romance, clean language. Some mature situations. Trigger warning: misscarriage

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“Chemistry is instant between Rajani and Thad…”

“…I could feel how these two need each other so badly from the hurt they’ve experienced.” 





Rajani froze as her eyes clashed with the dark brown ones a dozen feet away, eyes that had previously looked at her with passion and desire.

Thaddeus. He was back.

Her heart picked up and drummed so loudly in her chest she was afraid the children would hear. Her gaze roamed his fine form, searching for anything that showed him to be less than perfect. She couldn’t find it.

However, she, more than anyone, knew that scars didn’t always show on the surface. Hers were so deep no one would ever find them. Very few people even knew they were there.

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