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The Storms of New England

Elusive Dreams - book 1 in the Storms of New England series

Marine Erik Storm intends to keep the promise he made to a dying mother. Protect her two young children, survivors of the bombing that left him barely able to walk. He moves into his grandparents' house in coastal Maine next door to a childhood friend.

Tessa Porter is no longer the shy little girl from his youth, but a life in foster care has left her leery of people. When his custody of the children is questioned she offers to enter into a marriage of convenience to boost his case.

They don't expect the sparks that fly or their growing desire. When their marriage becomes real they have to find ways to heal together or risk losing their perfectly imperfect family for good.

True Dreams - book 2 in the Storms of New England series


True “TJ” Bannister, haunted by his past, abandons the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll to live a peaceful life as a bookstore owner on Cape Cod. The reformed bad boy thinks no “nice” girl will ever see beyond his tormented soul.

Innocent Sara Storm barges into his shop, and his life, with her sunshine personality. She looks beyond TJ’s past and helps heal his damaged heart. But her goal to be a singer is one TJ can’t support. Her dreams take place in the shattered world he left behind.

Can he choose between his newfound serenity and a life that nearly destroyed him, or is their romance doomed before the last note is sung?

Stolen Dreams book 3 in the Storms of New England series

 Can he loosen up enough to let her in?

Control is Alex Storm’s middle name. Every aspect of his life is scheduled down to the minute. His routines are part of him, and he cannot deviate. Finding a woman who can put up with his strict organization has been difficult... until Gina blows back into town.

A nomadic life spent with her bohemian mother made Gina Mazelli the definition of a free spirit. Inheriting her grandmother’s house requires her to put down temporary roots right next door to the sexiest control freak she’s ever known.

Alex hopes helping Gina fix up the house will lead to a quick sale and an end to the explosive chemistry between them. But every day they’re together, Gina realizes she wants to create a home, especially if she can convince a certain uptight perfectionist that he’s the key to making her dreams come true.

Broken Dreams book 4 in the Storms of New England series

 Can  she show him true family is more than an image?

Corporate attorney Nathaniel Storm’s exclusive world is thrown into a tailspin when his cheating ex drops off the son he didn't know he had. Being an instant dad and handling the care of a special needs child, isn’t something he’s comfortable with. 

Under the dark makeup and piercings, Darcy Marx has a heart of gold, but she’s spent her life trying to dig herself out of one misfortune after another. Bad decisions and heartbreaking choices in the past won’t stop her from creating a better life.

When the two are paired together in a wedding, Darcy connects with Nathaniel’s son in a way he can only hope for. Yet this bold as brass sprite with the saucy mouth taunts him at every turn. When Nathaniel looks past Darcy’s non-traditional ways, he finds a determined woman who can work miracles, but he wonders if she’s strong enough to jump start his disconnected heart.

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Forgotten Dreams bonus novella in the Storms of New England series

 Wanted: Christmas Magic

Ten years ago, Mark Campbell broke Kristan Donahue’s heart when he joined the navy and left her behind in their small New England town. Now he's back home for the holidays and wants to pick up where they left off.

Can the magic of Christmas help Kristan open up her heart enough to trust again? And can this same magic convince Mark that next to Kristan is where he belongs?


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