True Dreams

My inspiration for True Dreams came about through the back door, kind of. I was listening to the radio, typically country music, and paying attention to the lyrics. So many songs speak of love, or the lack of, and can influence my muse into creating a story.

This time, though, instead of thinking about what the artist was singing, I started to wonder about the person who wrote the songs. What were they going through to make them write the words?

So my story of TJ Bannister, whose full name is True Jam Bannister, came to light. I had to give him a very unusual name since his parents are famous rock stars. He grew up in the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. He lived it every day. Until the day his beloved older sister died of a drug overdose. One he feels he could have stopped if he hadn’t been getting high and having wild sex with a set of twins.

TJ moves to the East Coast and goes through years of addiction counseling. Finally, ten years later we see him owning a combination bookstore and coffee shop on Cape Cod. The quiet life is what he seeks now. He has left the rock and roll world behind. Or has he?

Sara Storm has come to the Cape to try for some independence and freedom from her very loving, if not overprotective, brothers. She ends up working at TJ’s shop, Tea and Tales. TJ is immediately drawn to the beautiful but innocent young woman. Yet he feels she could never want someone as damaged as him. When he discovers that Sara wishes to be a singer, he wants nothing to do with her. That kind of life killed his sister and almost killed him.

When Sara discovers that TJ is the highly successful composer, James True, and that his parents are the infamous couple Abe Bannister and Celia Munez, she wonders why he hasn’t shared this information.

I love writing characters who have angst in their past and who feel tortured just living day to day. TJ is that character. I loved showing how Sara made him see he was a good person and deserving of love.

True Dreams is book 2 of what will be a ten-book series.

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