Stolen Dreams

Alex Storm was one of the easier characters to write when I first began the Storm series. Both he and Luke were fun to explore as they had such different personalities, yet they loved their family as much as every other Storm member. But Alex holds a special place in my heart because of his OCD tendencies.

When I started work on Stolen Dreams, I wanted to give Alex all the obsessive quirks and weird organizational skills that I have. I did worry that people wouldn’t believe someone like this actually existed, so I toned him down a bit and left out a good number of my weird actions. Yet Alex still comes across as completely needing control of every aspect of his life. He lives by his planner and has to follow it to the letter.

Most of the idiosyncrasies that Alex has come straight from me or my son. I didn’t need to do any research for Alex’s condition as I live it every day. I can’t stand when someone’s necklace clasp is in the front and will literally twitch if I can’t fix it. I have to check everything off in my planner and will add to it if I did another activity. The finger tapping and counts of eight are also all me. Though the desire for certain socks and clothes are taken from my son and his needs as a child.

Even though Gina is the exact opposite of Alex in so many ways, one of the things I wanted more than anything was for her to accept him, and even love him, exactly the way he is. She never asks him to change or be someone else. And I love that Alex eventually accepts Gina for who she is.

These two simply were meant to be together and I’m so thankful they practically wrote the story themselves. I was merely the means to type the words.

Stolen Dreams is book 3 of what will be a ten-book series.

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