Elusive Dreams

How do authors come up with ideas for new books? Great question. The answer isn’t always so simple. For my first book in the Storms of New England series, Erik Storm came to life from a picture. It was the back of a man standing on the beach holding a little girl in his arms. A small boy sat at his feet. The picture called to me and story ideas swirled in my mind. But I’m not a huge fan of men whose wives have died because it’s so sad. I had to come up with a reason why this man was standing on a beach with two small children. Suddenly it came to me, and Elusive Dreams was born.

Erik Storm is the oldest child in his family, has always been Big Man on Campus, and excelled in every physical pursuit he sought. Being a Marine brought him recognition and the ability to use his physical prowess for the good of others. That is, until a bombing left him barely able to walk.

I love throwing in lots of angst for my characters, so I made it that Erik had a broken pelvis and shattered kneecap, along with lots of damage to muscles and tendons. And during the bombing, he’d been attempting to rescue a mother with two young children. After four days in a bombed-out cellar waiting for rescue, the mother finally succumbed to her injuries, but not before making Erik promise to bring the children back to the States so they could have a better life than an orphan in Kandahar.

Erik is more than happy to provide the children with a stable environment as he’s gotten to know them during their ordeal. What he didn’t count on was barely being able to take care of them due to his own injury. Cue the heroine. Tessa Porter moved from foster home to foster home until at the age of fourteen was sent to live with an elderly couple next door to the Storm family home in Maine. She’s had a crush on Erik Storm for ten years but with the abuse and neglect in her background, she is terrified of being around people.

Erik needs help with the kids and Tessa is right there to assist him. But it’s not enough for the child advocate who doesn’t think Erik is in good enough shape to raise the children. A marriage of convenience is decided on and suddenly Erik and Tessa find themselves working together, living together, for the sake of the children.

To say the least, these two are fairly opposite but they both are damaged. Erik physically and Tessa emotionally. With the children, they both learn to heal and depend on each other for their needs.

I have to say that Elusive Dreams is one of my favorite books, and it holds a definite warm spot in my heart. I’d love for you to take a look and see for yourself. You can peek at the first few chapters on the retail sites to see if it’s something you’d enjoy.

Elusive Dreams is book 1 of what will be a ten-book series.

Click on the ‘books’ tab to see where you can purchase this novel.

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