Running Target

Now that Wild Card Undercover is off and running, I've got to start getting ready for the next book. This next one has a little different feel to it. Where Meg and Chris from Wild Card Undercover teased and taunted each other with sarcasm and sass, this next book has a little darker tone.

Jack is an FBI agent working undercover for mob boss, Victor Cabrini as his chauffeur. When he meets Callie, a friend of Victor's son, he falls hard. Callie discovers who the Cabrinis are and goes to the police who ask her to keep up the pretense as Angelo's girlfriend. She only does it because she knows Angelo is gay and is only using her as a cover so his father doesn't find out.

Jack is assigned to keep Callie safe while she's around the mobsters and things quickly heat up. But when Angelo finds out about them, and the fact Callie is pregnant, he goes after Jack. But Angelo is the one who winds up dead and Jack is now a wanted man with a price on his head, courtesy of Victor.

Jack is on the run as Callie raises their child alone.

This story is bittersweet as the lovers try to find ways to be together but the presence of Cabrini, who thinks the child is his grandson, is always in the way, keeping them apart.

I hope you'll tune in and see how our tortured lovers overcome their fears and conflicts to finally be together.

The book Running Target is already out for pre-order. You can find all the links here:

Kensington Books - Kari Lemor

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