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The romance writing community is an amazing thing as anyone who has been involved with them can attest to. The support and encouragement is beyond belief. I had this proved to me again this week.

A few years back I had the great pleasure of attending a two-day workshop in Connecticut with the fabulous Cherry Adair. The woman is a powerhouse of energy and kept us entertained and laughing the whole time. And the information she gave us was outstanding and so useful.

I quickly became a bigger fan and have devoured many of her books. Recently with my new release on the horizon I had the opportunity to chat with her. And this terrific lady agreed to blurb my book.

“In Wild Card Undercover, Lemor turns up the Miami heat with a charming FBI agent and a feisty damsel who gamble for more than their lives. Throw in a nasty villain and you've got a book with a climax that will give you chills.”

Not only that, but she offered to help promote on my release day, which just so happens to be a release day for her (I know because I already pre-ordered that book). She said we’d be twins. As a newbie author chatting with a NY Times bestselling author there may have been a little fangirling going on!! Just a tiny bit. I can't thank this gracious lady enough!

It’s so exciting (and a little scary) to finally have my first book about to go out in the world. And I have two more waiting in the wings to follow right along.

WILD CARD UNDERCOVER will be released on March 7, 2017. The second in the series, RUNNING TARGET, will follow on July 4, 2017 and the third, FATAL EVIDENCE, will round it out in December. But I’ll give you a little hint…there are three more guys from the military unit who we get to see and learn about in these stories. I’m hoping they’ll get the opportunity to come out and play too.

You can find out more information about me and the books on my Kensington author page

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